A UNIQUE PLACE In the heart of Gallura, in Aggius, we cultivate and distill by hand our Elicriso to ensure maximum quality and to rpomote sustainable agriculture in the area.

This area of Sardinia is highly rich in plant substances and nutrients that create an ideal environment for many species of plants, including the Helichrysum that grows lush and healthy.
From the distillation of the flower in a steam stream, we obtain a pure essential oil that represents the fundamental base for every product of our line.

Immersed in the contryside of northern Sardinia, we adopt a completely natural cultivation method that goes beyond the simple concept of Ornanic.
Although in order to disclose this choice we are completing the achievement of organic certification, in full and complete respect of nature we do not intervene with any product on the growth and development of plants to let them express themselves with maximum spontaneity.
From the beginning our mission has been to create 100% natural products that ensure excellent results while respecting the environment, free of harmful and irritating chemicals.
Our ingredients come from endemic species of Sardinian flora that presents peculiarities and exclusivity from the botanical and phytochemical point of view.

This peculiarity is due to the geographical isolation and adaptation to the climatic and ecological conditions of the island, that have led plant species to synthesize metabolites with interesting biological and pharmacological properties as documented by the large number of scientific papers published so far.
For this reason all the ingredients of our formulations ensure the health of the skin, give it brightness because they are born from millennia of research and spontaneous innovation of Sardinian nature.