Helichrysum essential oil 3ml


Pure and natural essential oil, extracted by steam distillation.
This essential oil is obtained from plants grown in our fields with a completely natural method; we personally take care of the production process from the field to the packaging done by hand.

Ingredients Helichrysum italicum flower oil.


  • Aromatherapy:: counteracts lethargy and depression, stimulating the mind to a positive reaction;
  • Meditation: activates the intuitive side of the brain, is indicated for visualizations and guided images;
  • Breath: is indicated in the treatment of respiratory problems, colds and flu;
  • Skin: natural antioxidant, protects the skin from external aggressions, improves volumes and density, stimulating circulation. Promotes the reabsorption of bruises and bruises, as a powerful scarring, can reduce stretch marks and scars;
  • Muscles and circulation: relieves muscle strains and strains;
  • Nature tricks: add a few drops in carrier oil for an anti age massage

Very short inhalations distract the mind from nagging thoughts and anxieties.

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Precautions: Use diluted. Keep away from children, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

How to use: Room diffuser:3/6/10 drops in 100 ml of water. Bath: Mix up to 8 drops in cream, milk, vegetable oils or sea salt. N.B: essential oils are volatile substances not very soluble in water, while they are soluble in fatty substances, vegetable oils and sea salt. Vapors for inhalations: 3/6 drops in a pot of boiling water. Massage: Pour a few drops into a tablespoon of vegetable oil for massage. Cosmetics:a few drops of cream and neutral detergents or vegetable oils for skin applications.

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