Helichrysum hydrolate 100/200ml


Obtained by steam distillation, it is a flower water with a refreshing, astringent and purifying effect.
Ideal for regenerating the skin, stimulates circulation and healing.
Perfect to counteract dark circles, acts as a soothing and deflating.
It can be used for hair care, has a strengthening effect on growth, soothing against dandruff and purifying.
Helichrysum water has soothing and purifying properties, excellent even after exposure to the sun.

  • Refreshing and astringent tonic;
  • Soothing and moisturizing tonic;
  • Disciplining and illuminating treatment after shampoo;
  • Tonic after cleansing for all skin types;
  • Tonic for skin with couperose;
  • Anti-wrinkle tonic;
  • Fatigue of the legs;
  • Anti-Redness

100% Natural, its botanical scent is authentic and as such different from that of essential oil.
Intense, penetrating and distinctive, it reflects without alteration the natural vitality of the plants from which it is extracted.

Ingredients: Helichrysum italicum flower distillate water.

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How to use: Spray on clean skin and gently pat, let absorb. Dose on a cotton ball to remove impurities.

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100ml, 200ml